Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are an ideal solution for any home. Using the full height of any room and fitting into any space, our purpose-built wardrobes allow you to increase your storage capacity without compromising on style or finish. Each product is made with passion and care by our skilled craftsmen.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Services

For those interested in high end luxury bespoke fitted wardrobes, we are experts in building clothes storage with a variety of veneered wood.  If you need a good-looking product, our luxury real wood veneered MDF is for you.

Our team specialises in this product, which comes in a range of traditional or contemporary styles that can suit your specifications. Please contact us to find out the range of styles we can offer from around the world. We can provide this service as part of a larger home renovation project.

Medium density fibreboard, or MDF for short, forms the core of our wooden panels. Sheets of luxury real wood are then bonded to the surfaces, front and back, forming a veneer. It is an excellent choice for those who want a quality finish. It is a light-weight, durable material for fitted wardrobes.

Firstly, what types of clothes do you own and in what quantities? How do you use your bedroom space? Next, consider what type of look you want. We have samples of over 100 wood types for you to choose from. We can provide three types of finish, lacquered, varnished or oiled to complete your look.

We want you to end up with the best possible storage solution for your budget and needs. Our skilled craftsmen will strive to achieve the look and result you want.

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